Losing Again

I finally made it to a BMI of 25 in January of 2012. My asthma “healed”… And then my dear husband got cancer – it was first misdiagnosed as an “infection” until it was stage 4 and aggressive. He died August 6, 2012. In the course of his intense illness, I did everything I could to help him, and in that process I let my own self care go. I regained all the weight and then some.

During the course of his illness, no matter what I ate or did during that stressful time – the asthma stayed away. I now see that as God’s grace, for it allowed me to focus entirely on my husband. Unfortunately for me, the weight did pile back on, and 2 weeks after he died, the asthma also came back! This did not seem fair at all.

My friends begged me to take care of myself and take whatever supplements I thought would help the asthma, and to get on medication again. I did that.

I used Iodoral – an iodine supplement, and vitamin D3, amongst some of other things, But I think these 2 helped me the most.

Anyway, the asthma is not so bad right now, even with the weight gain. I use Advair once a day and I still take supplements. But I realize it is only a matter of time before things escalate again, so I am finally ready to embark on a weight loss and exercise journey again. This blog is my way of motivating myself, again…

It has been over a year now since my husband died in a sacred and blessed passing. I miss him dearly – but food is not a true comfort ever, and especially now. How can it make up for such a loss? It is false thinking/feeling… I need to break this pattern and find my way again.

After some trial and errors – I’ve decided to embrace the tried and true, a variation on Alternate Day Fasting.

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Asthma GONE – thank you MMS2!

by Jim Humble

The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millenium, by Jim Humble.

MMS2 resolved my longstanding asthma condition very quickly. I had also recently let go of some of what I believed were causative emotions behind the asthma – yet the condition did not change until I added the MMS2 some weeks later.

Interestingly, I had given myself the New Years’ goal/resolution of healing myself of asthma in 2011 – and in the end I cut it right down to the wire.  Next time I set a healing goal, I think I will say RIGHT NOW!

Below is my book review posted on amazon.com

I’ve had very serous asthma (sometimes life-threatening) for 10 years, starting after a very bad cold, or possibly it was walking pneumonia. I have tried “everything”: many alternative methods, and I was on inhaled steroids. I even started a blog, “Healing Asthma”, to keep track of all the things I had tried…Some helped a little, but still the asthma was getting worse.

The only thing that controlled it was alternate day fasting. Yep – fast every other day for 24 hours and then have a small (300-400 calorie) dinner. (Start the fast after dinner one day, and go 24 hours until the next meal. Read “The Alternate-Day Diet,” by Dr. James Johnson for some science behind this). Well, it wasn’t easy for me to stick to that, and the asthma always came back in about 10 days after going off that diet. I would then eventually go back on the diet, and it would take about a month for the benefit to really kick in – but some improvements did occur within days.

I had also heard about Infectious Asthma Research by Dr. David Hahn. He has been able to “cure” many asthma patients using long term (3-4 months) of antibiotics (Z packs). I was almost ready to try that, even though antibiotics have given me some troubles in the past.

Then I bought this book by Jim Humble to help a family member with another issue. I decided to try the MMS2 for myself, thinking it might work like the Hahn protocol, without the side effects of antibiotics. MMS2 rather quickly resolved this long standing asthma situation! Amazing! I took roughly 1 size “0” capsule a day Now Foods Vcaps ‘0’ Empty Capsules, 300-Count. In the beginning I got a reaction from the full capsules, so I switched to half-full twice a day for a while, but once I was healed, I can take them with no reaction; Jim Humble mentions this as well.

And I also found it helpful to bathe in it – 1 tsp in a bath tub (the tube was only filled part way.) This helps some skin conditions, too. Too often dries my skin, but so would Epsom Salt baths.

I also tried his protocol of breathing the MMS1 fumes (2 drop dose only) – but I really saw the most benefit from the MMS2 protocol, above. So I think I needed to kill the underlying chronic infection; it also seems to clear parasites – and this would match the Hulda Clark theory of asthma The Cure for All Diseases. I am continuing the protocol for a while to make sure life cycles of all pathogens have been fully disrupted.

I am amazed, after these 10 years of suffering, that I can now eat like a “normal” person, and still breathe and be healthy.

My husband reacted to the full capsules of MMS2 – so I made him capsules with a tiny amount to start. I used tiny measuring spoons (“Amco Measuring Spoons for Small Amounts” bought on Amazon) and at first gave him only 1/64th tsp. in a capsule, 5 times a day. Then he worked up to 1/32 tsp. He was getting benefits from that. He seems to do better on the small steady amounts. We are still working on his healing – it was a more serious issue. (He also reacted to taking CIPRO and other antibiotics – so maybe he is just sensitive that way.)

If you want to read some real scare stories – look up CIPRO reactions. Lives have been ruined. (If your life has been ruined by CIPRO – a boron supplement Life Extension Boron Caps 3mg Capsules, 100-Count may help cleanse out the fluoride from the CIPRO. Just take the dosage on the bottle, or the cleanse may go too quickly – voice of experience). But this really helped my husband get over excruciating back pain after CIPRO. So you scare mongers about MMS – back off. Maybe go help the world by scare mongering about CIPRO, or something else.

I was on inhaled steroids, and a very healthy regimen, and still I was getting worse. Now I can breathe. I am very glad Jim Humble came up with his “crazy” ideas. It worked for me.

Buy the book if you plan to try this method. It is full of helpful ideas.


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Video on Instantaneous healing!

Paramhansa Yogananda taught the importance of the power of thought, and also feeling the healing affirmation.  The video, below, brings out this point very dramatically.  The Chinese healers in the video first feel in themselves that the healing is already accomplished, and then affirm dynamically from that center of feeling. This is a very important point. Feel that it is so, and then declare it and affirm it so.

This deepened my understanding of this prayer of Paramhansa Yogananda:

Visualize your patient well, say the person’s name, and then affirm:

“Name,” Be thou whole, for God is in you! Be thou well, for God is in you!

“Name,” You ARE whole, for God is in you. You ARE well, for God is in you!

By author and speaker, Gregg Braden

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Back on track

It’s been a busy summer. We took vacation in the second half of July and then had family visiting in the first half of August.  I actually lost weight on vacation, but gained some back while my sons were visiting.  (I love to cook for them – which tends to erode my efforts at fasting.) I peaked at 5 pounds above my recent best weight. I also gradually felt the sinus/asthma symptoms returning.

This morning I’ve taken off almost 4 of those pounds, thankfully! I hope to be moving forward into “new ground” by early next week.

At first it was hard to get back on track, and my progress was directional only – not perfection, but it did help.  So I reviewed my cards from the Beck Diet Solution Workbook, which were very helpful to get my thoughts back on track, and then, of course, it was MUCH easier to get my actions back on track.

Yesterday I reviewed the videos on Alternate Day Fasting, and this reminded me why I chose this method in the first place.  Yesterday’s fast was much easier for me, and I could feel the sinus symptoms begin to lessen considerably around the 22 hour mark. So this method definitely has a healing effect on the respiratory system.

It helped me to have my dinner at 7:30 PM – then I wasn’t hungry for a snack later in the evening.

I had some very low-calorie options in the daytime

1 cup of black coffee in the morning

1 large drink of Zipfizz in the early afternoon – 10 calories

a few nibbles of dulse flakes – the sea salt and the minerals seem to stave off hunger – probably only about 2-3 calories

Dinner, at 7:30 PM:

Beet drink – about 20 calories


squash steamed in coconut milk – small

Chocolate whey drink – 100 calories

1 teaspoon bee pollen

The chocolate whey drink was the most important item – it really satisfied my hunger – otherwise I would have wanted a large serving of the squash, and other things, too.

I knew a low-calorie dinner would bring maximum healing of the asthma, mimicking the asthma study stated in Alternate Day Diet in which the female participants had about 320 calories on their fasting days. The only reasonable and dependable way for me to accomplish this is with the pattern stated above: fast until evening – then have a small, carefully chosen dinner. Whey has been noted to satiate hunger more quickly than other proteins.  I used stevia to sweeten the drink.

The pay-off was this morning; after my workout I had a lovely breakfast of an omelet and a crepe with fresh picked mulberries.  I feel satisfied and happy – not deprived. This is important when you are only eating breakfast every other day – it had better be good! So it all works out…

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5 Rules of Leptin

The 5 Rules of The Leptin Diet

These principles help me to stay balanced on my normal eating days, and not overeat.  I use them as guidelines, instead of strict rules.  However, if you are not doing Alternate Day Fasting,  I suggest you follow the 5 Rules of Leptin rather strictly.

Update: I am now 9 pounds from my goal. I am going on vacation, so I need to stay focused!

The Five Rules of the The Leptin Diet are:
Rule 1:  Never eat after dinner.
Rule 2:  Eat three meals a day.
Rule 3:  Do not eat large meals.
Rule 4:  Eat a breakfast containing protein.
Rule 5:  Reduce the amount of carbohydrates eaten.

To learn more, please click here. (FREE)

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Month #2 on ADF

This is still going well. My total loss is down 2 more pounds since my last post,  despite a temporary uptick over the July 4th holiday.

I’ve lost over 25# since New Year’s of 2010 – and I have 9 pounds to go to my goal. It is very motivating to have it in view now.

I am still doing Alternate Day Fasting (fast until dinner on MWF or every other day – your choice; there are good things about either way – but I think I still prefer a set schedule…) This week though, because July 4th was on Monday – I switched up my days.

My lung function is still very good (but still raspy sometimes)  and I am singing tomorrow in a recording. My diet is much more “forgiving” than it was earlier this year, but I still have to be very careful with cheese made from cow milk, but raw goat milk products seem okay. Once I got well so quickly, I allowed myself to greatly increase my intake of goat milk kefir. However, I may do better if I reduce goat milk products back to my old norm. So I may try that next.

All in all, I am enthusiastic about this. So far, so good.

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10 pounds off since New Years

Since I started this process as a New Year’s resolution, I have taken off 10 pounds. In the interim there were plateaus, and even some gains, until I got serious about Alternate Day Fasting. The weight is now gradually and steadily coming off.

I am now at a BMI of 26.8 – with a preliminary goal of being at 24.9 (I work out and have some muscle – so I look good at a higher BMI). I have 11 pounds to go.

The question is whether or not the asthma would disappear at a lower BMI. For some people it does. But so far, I don’t think it would affect me that much. The Alternate day fasting is what is helping. I say this because a few symptoms came back this morning – the sinuses were constricted as I woke up. (I took some of my turmeric tea, and a packet of lypo-spheric Vitamin C – these both helped…)

I haven’t had this problem for many weeks. But I ate richer foods this weekend, and that plus pollen may have caused it (windows now open at night). But the asthma warning signs seems to be lurking there right below the surface.  Without the Alternate Day Fasting, I believe that, for now, my respiratory health would possibly be just as bad as it was at BMI of 31.

There is a cumulative health increase by doing this form of intermittent fasting long term. For instance, some of the researchers mention that after a while (several months)  they never got any colds or other infections. But I am still early in the game, so my body is still dealing with some residual conditions and tendencies. They will gradually all pass.

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Alternate Day Fasting

In early June I switched from the Alternate Day Diet (see my last post Alternate Day Diet) to Alternate Day Fasting (ADF). The principles are very similar, but I simply fast all day on water or clear tea, and then I have a carefully chosen evening meal of about 400 calories.

Purists on ADF adhere to a strict 24 hour fasting period, but I need this to be more livable. So I eat 3 meals (and no snacks) on my eating day, and then fast on zero calories until dinner time on my fasting day – which is around 6 or 6:30. So my fasts are typically 23 hours, or even 22 hours if dinner was later the night before.

On the very first fast, by hour 22, I felt my sinuses release and clear. By the next day I could sing in a strong robust manner, as I could years ago. Mind you – my respiratory system had been very gradually healing from adhering (imperfectly)  to the Alternate Day Diet in May.  That is why my first day of ADF was so powerful. And I find it much easier to adhere consistently to the lower calorie limit by using ADF. I can imagine doing this long-term. I like a set schedule, so I fast until dinner on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On the weekends I  enjoy life, but I am also careful to maintain a sense of moderation.

I am now off all asthma medicines. My peak flow is 450 at my doctor’s office (and 425 on my home test).  My personal best in the past was 450 on my home test, so I hope to attain that again, and possibly surpass it eventually. A mere 6 weeks ago I was desperately ill with asthma, and my peak flow hovered in the 100’s if I dared to go off asthma medicines. And even with a strong dose of Advair – I had a peak flow @250, so my doctor had just told me I needed to take another inhaled corticosteroid on top of the Advair. That is what got me to go back on the Alternate Day Diet in May.

Both of these diets are very similar and are based on the same studies. So either one will work to heal asthma (or other chronic illness) depending on personal preference and ability to adhere to the chosen diet.

One final note, to accelerate weight loss, one could sometimes fast from breakfast to breakfast. I have done this is in the past, and I tend to lose better if I am not “sleeping on the calories” – so I may still do it occasionally. I’ll report back if/when I do a breakfast to breakfast fast again to replace one of my regular fasting days.

I do find it easier to adhere to the rhythm of fasting dinner to dinner, however, so that is my main plan.  I have made this my intended lifestyle.

Alternate Day Fasting Videos

It helped me to watch these 3 Alternate Day Fasting videos several times in the first week of ADF. Pat Lowry presents the current research in a concise and clear manner.

Alternate Day Fasting 1

He mentions Green tea – but I find it increases hunger, and another friend mentions the same thing.  But black coffee helps. I have one cup of wonderful French press coffee with my husband each morning. I also eat enough fruit and veggies in my evening meal that I have not needed the fiber supplements he mentions. I drink plenty of water and I sometimes add 1 TABL of raw Apple Cider Vinegar to a pint or quart of drinking water that I use throughout the day. I always follow ACV water with clear water – you don’t want the acid on your teeth, even though the ACV it is pretty diluted. Still it is probably good to follow with clear water. I also sometimes drink clear herbal tea- but as time goes on – I find it simpler to just stick with water.

Alternate Day Fasting 2

Alternate Day Fasting 3

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Alternate Day Diet

I’ve lost some more weight… I have 13 pounds to go until I reach my preliminary goal of a BMI of under 25.

My self assessment is that I need to be more consistent in my weight loss strategies.  There have been many plateau times and yo-yo events since the last time I posted!

I’ve been trying LOTS of things to heal asthma, and I finally had to go back on the tried and true and “learn to like it.” I am back on the Alternate Day Diet, by Dr. James Johnson, due to the strength of the asthma study.  It worked for me before, and I know it will work again. The principles of Eat QOD also help me on the low calorie day. Eat QOD is very similar to the Alternate Day Diet, but emphasizes certain minerals for the low calorie day to keep a person from feeling tired and washed out.  I incorporated these things on Monday and it really helped.

Within that – I find it most helpful for weight loss if at least some of my low calorie days are done as as 24 hour fast – from breakfast to breakfast. (Other people prefer from dinner to dinner.)

I am posting these articles on fasting to share the info- but also so I can easily find them again to re-inspire myself.

1) Study: Periodic fasting good for health, heart

2) Routine Periodic Fasting Is Good for Your Health, and Your Heart, Study Suggests

“…Doctors found that skipping at least two meals on a regular basis led to a dramatic  increase of human growth hormone (HGH), which plays a metabolic role in adults, regulating glucose and insulin within the body, “so you are burning fat cells when you fast,” Horne said…”

That’s cool for me because I tend to like the breakfast to breakfast fast (rather than a complete water fast all day). On a breakfast to breakfast fast I tend to lose over 2 pounds.

Some scientists, so impressed by the health benefits of fasting,  do complete water fasts every other day. I think there is something to be said for not eating at all – “just don’t get started eating”, etc… But I know that on a regular basis it tends to make me tired and cranky.

Check it out – even if you fast once a week it can really help.

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Lost Another Pound

Week 3

This is bigger news than it seems…I lost the first 4 pounds quickly (one week) and then my weight went up a pound or two and bounced around there for a while… but my net loss is now 5 pounds.

The tomato essence is helping me stick to my healing “diet” now. The sense of inner conflict, or being at cross purposes with my self, is gone. Read: no diet sabotage, which = “diet miracle”.

I am continuing with chlorella, bee pollen, breakfast and lunch, and most things listed in Day 1.  For the past week I have been doing the Alternate Day Diet, with a sense of inner peace. I used to struggle with it, even though it had helped me to lose weight, and heal asthma in 32 days.

I am also continuing with making healing water, and I have added in the Source Energy Medicine, which I find very helpful, too. The combination of blessing the water first, and then making the Source Energy Medicines seems exponentially powerful. I’ll write more about that later, in another post.

Source Energy Medicine Research

The hidden messages in water!

from: What the bleep do we know…

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