Asthma GONE – thank you MMS2!

by Jim Humble

The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millenium, by Jim Humble.

MMS2 resolved my longstanding asthma condition very quickly. I had also recently let go of some of what I believed were causative emotions behind the asthma – yet the condition did not change until I added the MMS2 some weeks later.

Interestingly, I had given myself the New Years’ goal/resolution of healing myself of asthma in 2011 – and in the end I cut it right down to the wire.  Next time I set a healing goal, I think I will say RIGHT NOW!

Below is my book review posted on

I’ve had very serous asthma (sometimes life-threatening) for 10 years, starting after a very bad cold, or possibly it was walking pneumonia. I have tried “everything”: many alternative methods, and I was on inhaled steroids. I even started a blog, “Healing Asthma”, to keep track of all the things I had tried…Some helped a little, but still the asthma was getting worse.

The only thing that controlled it was alternate day fasting. Yep – fast every other day for 24 hours and then have a small (300-400 calorie) dinner. (Start the fast after dinner one day, and go 24 hours until the next meal. Read “The Alternate-Day Diet,” by Dr. James Johnson for some science behind this). Well, it wasn’t easy for me to stick to that, and the asthma always came back in about 10 days after going off that diet. I would then eventually go back on the diet, and it would take about a month for the benefit to really kick in – but some improvements did occur within days.

I had also heard about Infectious Asthma Research by Dr. David Hahn. He has been able to “cure” many asthma patients using long term (3-4 months) of antibiotics (Z packs). I was almost ready to try that, even though antibiotics have given me some troubles in the past.

Then I bought this book by Jim Humble to help a family member with another issue. I decided to try the MMS2 for myself, thinking it might work like the Hahn protocol, without the side effects of antibiotics. MMS2 rather quickly resolved this long standing asthma situation! Amazing! I took roughly 1 size “0” capsule a day Now Foods Vcaps ‘0’ Empty Capsules, 300-Count. In the beginning I got a reaction from the full capsules, so I switched to half-full twice a day for a while, but once I was healed, I can take them with no reaction; Jim Humble mentions this as well.

And I also found it helpful to bathe in it – 1 tsp in a bath tub (the tube was only filled part way.) This helps some skin conditions, too. Too often dries my skin, but so would Epsom Salt baths.

I also tried his protocol of breathing the MMS1 fumes (2 drop dose only) – but I really saw the most benefit from the MMS2 protocol, above. So I think I needed to kill the underlying chronic infection; it also seems to clear parasites – and this would match the Hulda Clark theory of asthma The Cure for All Diseases. I am continuing the protocol for a while to make sure life cycles of all pathogens have been fully disrupted.

I am amazed, after these 10 years of suffering, that I can now eat like a “normal” person, and still breathe and be healthy.

My husband reacted to the full capsules of MMS2 – so I made him capsules with a tiny amount to start. I used tiny measuring spoons (“Amco Measuring Spoons for Small Amounts” bought on Amazon) and at first gave him only 1/64th tsp. in a capsule, 5 times a day. Then he worked up to 1/32 tsp. He was getting benefits from that. He seems to do better on the small steady amounts. We are still working on his healing – it was a more serious issue. (He also reacted to taking CIPRO and other antibiotics – so maybe he is just sensitive that way.)

If you want to read some real scare stories – look up CIPRO reactions. Lives have been ruined. (If your life has been ruined by CIPRO – a boron supplement Life Extension Boron Caps 3mg Capsules, 100-Count may help cleanse out the fluoride from the CIPRO. Just take the dosage on the bottle, or the cleanse may go too quickly – voice of experience). But this really helped my husband get over excruciating back pain after CIPRO. So you scare mongers about MMS – back off. Maybe go help the world by scare mongering about CIPRO, or something else.

I was on inhaled steroids, and a very healthy regimen, and still I was getting worse. Now I can breathe. I am very glad Jim Humble came up with his “crazy” ideas. It worked for me.

Buy the book if you plan to try this method. It is full of helpful ideas.


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13 Responses to Asthma GONE – thank you MMS2!

  1. Jan Lötvall says:

    There are zillion examples of alternative medications working in asthma, but they end up failing in controlled trials. Watch out, the disease might come back and be nasty… NOT to be discouraging, but be aware, and go for the traditional pharmacotherapy when symptoms come back.

    Just a friendly advice 🙂

    As stated in the home-page of the mmS2 sellers: “As this is not an FDA approved drug, we cannot make any claim or recommendation with regard to its off label use. We do of course recognise that the vast majority of users have other things in mind than water purification (though the body is mostly made of water anyway). We make no claim or warranty for the use of the product except for as it is labelled, which is water purification. We will of course replace any product should it be found to be defective, or otherwise not fit for the purpose which it was labelled and sold”

    Good luck. Asthma can be tough to deal with, and it is not easy for doctors (or alternative medicine people) to understand. Asthma is now considered to not be one disease, but many different types of diseases, and in the future we certainly hope to cure at least some subgroups:

  2. Hi Jan,
    Thanks for your input…and yes – one must stay aware on these things. I suppose it worked for me perhaps because I very definitely had a classic “infectious asthma” that had become chronic, sever and persistent – even with asthma meds. I was very concerned that since it had progressed over the 10 years period, that it would continue to do so. Even the form of fasting that I had to do to control the asthma was strict. In other words – a few years ago I became symptom free by simply eating 500 cal. EOD. But this last summer when I tried it again – the low cal days helped but hadn’t “cured. It was only when i switched to the more strict fasting EOD (6PM-6Pm) EOD that i became well. Really – it was a small price to pay to be well – but still I’d gradually veer off that strict diet.

    Here’s another good site with information (nothing for sale except the book)

    Take care,

  3. jenna choi says:

    Hi Mary,

    Just wondering how everything is going so far after the MMS2 cure for asthma. Are you still asthma free? Wondering if I should try this myself!

    • Hi Jenna,

      I am still doing really well. Sorry for my delayed response – I hadn’t checked this site in a while. Whether or not you should try it, I can’t say. I honestly believe (now) that Divine Grace was involved, as well. That’s a longer story – but MMS2 was definitely the physical agent.

  4. 01abaddon says:

    My son has asthma, and I would appreciate help as regards the MMS2 capsules that I have just heard of. I am quite confused as regardsMMS1 and MMS2, and now we have CDS. Does the new CDS eliminate the need for the other two? As to making MMS2 myself I find an array of suggestions as to how, most confusing. Please help.

    • I feel inadequate to guide you regarding a child. What have you tried so far? Some children are helped simply by cleaning up the diet – at least getting off pasteurized cow milk. Goat milk is often fine, for instance.

      If you are considering using MMS – please buy Jim Humble’s most recent book (I provided a link for it, above). For more in-depth guidance with MMS 1&2 please check: Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

      You might also find help at

      I hope this helps!


  5. Evanir says:

    Mary, I had tried taking MMS1 and could not tolerate more than a few drops, for asthma. I bought MMS2 and started today. Did you feel a burning in your stomach even after drinking a lot of water, like 12oz? I am on steroids, oral and inhalers. My situation is very serious and I need help. When I got the capsules today, I emptied more than half out and took only once. I imagine I need to increase the amount of times in a day. Did you take only twice a day and it helped? Thanks for your advice. Evanir

    • Evanir,
      How are you doing now?
      As far as the burning use a smaller amount…And do try the Alternate day fasting or Alternate Day Diet as mentioned on this site…
      Asthma is nasty business… The ADF and ADD do really work while you look for other “magic bullets.”

      • Evanir says:

        Thank you so much Mary. I am doing much better. Breathing 80% better, no more coughing or wheezing and l already decreased the prednisone 20%. It is not much but I have to decrease even slower from now on because my naturapath/chiropractor said that I must decrease 1mg at a time and stay at that dosage for a full month to make sure that I am ok, then decrease some more.
        Thank you for your advice on the alternate day fasting. I have to find out what do you mean by ADF.
        Are you still doing good and do you need to continue taking MMS2?
        I don’t see you in the forum anymore. And I hope your husband is doing ok.

    • Evanir
      I was really glad to read that you are doing better…
      About my husband – sadly he died of an aggressive cancer in August… It was not helped by natural or oncological means. I have had to accept that sometimes it is just destiny – (for instance – for months his specialist treated him for an infection – so by the time the cancer diagnosis was correctly made it was stage 4 cancer… Heartbreaking…)
      But a profound spiritual teacher wrote that sometimes that is how God works – through misdiagnosis – when it is a person’s “time”.

  6. Sheldon B says:

    Hi, I saw your post and I just today started taking MMS2 today. I have asthma that I am just now starting to taking an inhaler for. My story is like yours somewhat. I believe I had some kind of infectious agent that started attacking my lungs about 5 years ago and has slowly been getting worse. Several years ago I tried MMS2 at first but quit because it seemed to make my breathing worse. From reading your post it sounds like I was having a reaction because the MMS2 was actually attacking the problem. Is that the same kind of reaction that you were talking about that you had from first taking MMS2? How did you come off of your inhalers while taking MMS2…was it a gradual decrease where you could tell that the MMS2 was healing your asthma?

    • Sheldon
      Please excuse my delay – I hope things are going well…

      The MMS2 worked very quickly for me… but yes for a day or two maybe it did get worse first… Then after a little bigger dose on a fairly empty stomach (but with tons of water) I cough out tons of phlegm (sorry ) and the asthma was gone… It’s like my body got rid of it all…

  7. Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the pictures
    aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.

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